(New York, N.Y.): Stay Sick Recordings, the label owned and operated by Attila frontman Fronz, has added a new band to its roster. Southern California post-hardcore band Redeem/Revive have officially signed with Stay Sick.

Redeem/Revive are currently working on their new record with Ben Ezaki and Colin Holbrook of Come Alive, a production team based out of Los Angeles. “As of right now all the songs we’re writing are about our personal experiences with the band,” Redeem/Revive said. “We’re documenting the last three years of the band in our album. There’s a huge story to tell and a lot of honesty involved.”

Fronz is excited to work with the band, saying, “Redeem/Revive are a band with unlimited potential. From the first time I heard them, their music was instantly stuck in my head. This type of infectiously amazing music doesn’t come around often, and I want to make sure the entire world knows about Redeem/Revive. This is the beginning of an amazing ride.”

If you are excited to hear what the band sounds like, check out “Memories.” It’s not a new song, but it will give you a taste of what’s to come.