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”Shake Electric”

Spiders debut album “Flashpoint” (2012) was hailed by both the media and the audience and even provided the band with a nomination at Sweden’s biggest broadcasted music award. Since then the band, with the charismatic singer Ann-Sofie Hoyles in the lead, have done gigs and tours with the likes of Metallica, Kvelertak and Graveyard.
Now it is finally time for the follow-up…


“Shake Electric”, recorded in the group’s hometown of Gothenburg with producer Mattias Glavå (Dungen), is everything you hoped for – and more. Suddenly the debut album’s primitive metal-meets-punk appears as no more than a fragment of the electric rock’n’roll dream that is now presented. The basic foundation is intact, but this time it is coloured by echoes of T-Rex, David Bowie (“Ziggy Stardust” in particular) and Heart. Choirs, acoustic guitars, piano and various percussions create a very stylish but never polished sound that suits the songs perfectly.

– We wanted to move on and find new paths. What we like about many of the records from the 1970’s is that it is often heavy yet soft. A really tough riff can be followed by a beautiful piano, says John who was previously Spiders’ only songwriter.

On “Shake Electric” all of the members have been involved in the song writing process, which explains the album’s diversity. Spiders remain the intense rock’n’roll-monster we all love, but have added several dimensions. This is particularly noticeable in a track like “Hard Times” where the band dares to slow down and try a different path while Ann-Sofie shows that she can easily master different expressions.


Guitar, bass, drums and vocals were recorded live and usually it only took a few takes before everything sounded as it should. It only proves that the countless days on the road have given results, adding a special feeling of togetherness that Ann-Sofie talks about when she defines the group’s sound and strength.

– Even when we started we were like a bunch of teenagers in the rehearsal room and despite jobs and girlfriends we always accepted every show we got. We really love this life, says the singer, who has evolved into one of the country’s brightest shining stage personalities.

– We have such a stronger vibe today and can really lean on each other in an amazing way. I am very proud of what we have accomplished with “Shake Electric”.

When it is time to summarize the year 2014 one band will be mentioned more than others. They are called Spiders and they have made the album you only dared to dream about…

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
(From the song ”Control”)

Ann-Sofie Hoyles (vocals)
John Hoyles (guitar)
Olle Griphammar (bass)
Ricard Harryson (drums)