(New York, N.Y.): Austin, Texas noisemakers DSGNS (pronounced “Designs”) have released their sonically gnarly debut full-length Hexes via Pluto Records today, August 28.

The album is available on a “pay what you want” scale at this location.

Building on a  diverse base of influences from Cave In to Deftones to Botch, DSGNS, who formed in 2011, focus on creating intelligent but monolithic songs that urge listeners to think for themselves. As a result, Hexes packs quite the sonic suckerpunch.

DSGNS have self-released three EPs, one of which was a split, and a two-song cassette of Stone Temple Pilot covers, which you can listen to here.

Hexes is a sonic juggernaut with guitar and bass ingenuity reminiscent of early metalcore. It is comprised of blisteringly angry, cult praise chaotic vocals, and natural and unprogrammed percussion unmatched by the overproduced and blandly mass-generated Disney metal churned out by suburban angst-ridden 20-year-olds, which we have come to accept as the generalized norm.

DSGNS are what hardcore and metal have failed to provide in a very long time, sincere unabashed anger that does not blur the lines nor confuse with clichéd, cookie cutter images and replicated musical textures.
This is what hardcore was meant to sound like — damn mad.

DSGNS are also recommended for fans of Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan.

Listen to “Young and Brainless.”


1. “Young and Brainless”
2. “13”
3. “White Crosses”
4. “Nothing Pretty To See Here”
5. “Trashfire”
6. “Affluenza”
7. “Confirmation Bias”
8. “Animal Heart”
9. “Lets Get Invisible”
10. “Dead Before My Friends”
11. “Permanent Outsiders”
12. “Delete All”