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Three years after the release of “Incomparable” the Swedish success Dead by April is back. And this time they are stronger than ever. After two gold-selling albums the band has refined their concept; the dark parts are heavier, the fast ones are even faster and the pop influences are as present as always. You will even find a delicate piano ballad that proves that the band has a diversity that few acts can compete with. Songwriter Pontus Hjelm, who also produced the album, explains that the band stands steadily on the foundation that has been their trademark since 2007.

– But at the same time we expand the existing ingredients with every release. As an artist it is difficult to motivate yourself if you do the exact same thing over again, he says.

An obvious change is that singer Christoffer Andersson has replaced Jimmie Strimmel. Together with Pontus Hjelm (guitar), Zandro Zantiago (vocals), Marcus Wesslén (bas) and Alex Svenningson (drums) he is ready to meet the world.

– Christoffer is very competent and really shares his positive energy. The atmosphere within the band is better than ever and everyone is really stoked about the album. It is very exciting. I usually do not like to have to big expectations but the circumstances have never been as good as with this recording. It feels fantastic, Pontus Hjelm says.

It has been some very intense years for Dead by April since the release of their self-titled debut album in 2009. Both the first recording and “Incomparable” earned them gold albums in their home country and the rest of the world soon opened its ears and eyes for the bands unique combination of metal heaviness and strong melodies. “Incomparable” have taken the group around the world three times and today Dead by April is one of Sweden’s absolutely biggest international live acts. In 2012 the band sold out Webster Hall in New York and made a successful gig at the Wacken Open Air festival in front of 30, 000 listeners. More than one million people have experienced Dead by April live during the last two years.

And now it is time for the world to once again aim their ears towards Sweden. “Let the World Know” is the third chapter in a history that started with a desire to combine pop melodies with metal.

– We wanted to do something that we enjoyed, because it was fun. There were no plans to sign big record deals or to conquer the world, states Pontus Hjelm.

Although it was not part of the original plan the world was soon at their feet. Now the band is back with a new line-up and stronger songs than ever.

It is time to let the world know.

Christoffer Andersson: Screamed Vocals
Zandro Santiago: Clean Vocals
Marcus Wesslén: Bass Guitar
Pontus Hjelm: Guitar
Marcus Rosell: Drums